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Himanshu Joshi

Born On: 
Sat, 04/05/1935

Category : Hindi Novel
Number of Pages : 100
Published In : 2004
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 81-263-1039-1

This novel is a poignant story, which is being a story yet not a story, seems to be true. The elegiac-story of displaced families to be displaced again, is urged to think much.

List Price : 120
Our Price : 102
You Save : 18(15%)
Category : Hindi Novel
Number of Pages : 100
Published In : 2006
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 81-263-1226-2

Broken houses of thatches! Thin roof of the sky! Dirty sheet of clay on earth! Too hard to get roti... ! The agony-story of the living ones who died every moment, is somewhere the truth of today's time.

List Price : 75
Our Price : 63.75
You Save : 11.25(15%)
Category : Short Stories
Number of Pages : 128
Published In : 2008
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 978-81-263-1652-6

Himanshu Joshi's story-world itself is very comprehensive and detailed. His compositions touches many dimensions. His stories are not only simple and sound but also explains the reality of life, which comes out as a meaningful work with a new identity. Emerged from the experiences and feelings of life, these fourteen vibrant images not only raises many questions but also provides solutions for the same.

List Price : 130
Our Price : 110.5
You Save : 19.5(15%)