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Kanhaiya Lal Mishra 'Prabhakar'

Born On: 
Tue, 29/05/1906

Category : Essays
Number of Pages : 208
Published In : 2004
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 81-263-1019-7

The beginning of marriage is an emotionality, but its perfection is a reality. The art of reconciliation in emotionality and reality is the key of happy married life.

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Category : General
Number of Pages : 240
Published In : 2003
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 81-263-0862-1

Despite being a journalist, Late Mr. Kanhaiya Lal Mishra 'Prabhakar' is the best litterateur. The book 'Kshana Boley Kana Muskaye' have 25 such poignant reportage of him in which we can see the glimpses of nation and folk life on the basis of few events happened during bygone years with full joy and preoccupation --- like a public-exhibition.

List Price : 100
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Category : Bal Sahitya
Number of Pages : 104
Published In : 2001
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 81-263-0717-X

'Portrait of entire life is novel and entire portrait of an event is story'— it was probably the opinion of Carlyle. ... But the event of life can be too little as well! In the presented book, suchlike contains the seventy-two stories.

List Price : 60
Our Price : 51
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Category : Essays
Number of Pages : 208
Published In : 2007
Available In : Hard Bound and Paper Bound
ISBN : 978-81-263-1420-1

'Zindagi Muskarayee' is the collection of Kanhaiyalal Mishra 'Prabhakar's essays which should not be considered only as articles but also as memoirs, stories, the experience, the ideas and the sermons which are written so well that it do a magic to the reader's heart, every time he reads it.

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