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Category : General Moortidevi Granthamala
Number of Pages : 464
Published In : 2006
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 81-263-1112-6

First time in Jain inscriptions, the collection of five hundred inscriptions in Devanagari with the essence of Hindi is present. All these article are present in the famous Jain pilgrimage Shravanabelagola town, the two famous hills Chandragiri and Vindhyagiri, the villages around Shravanabelagola and in the monasteries-temples. The genius of Indian language-literature, history, archeology and Jain religion-philosophy, a scholar and lecturer "Prof. Hiralal Jain", has highlighted the importance of participation of these articles.

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Category : General Moortidevi Granthamala
Number of Pages : 48
Published In : 2006
Available In : Hard Bound and Paper Bound
ISBN : 81-263-1247-5

In human the desire to know his future is as ancient as man himself, and it becomes more potent when human's environment looks uncertain everywhere. Human hands surprisingly found very different in each human, is basic system of future-knowledge and it is called the Palmistry. 'Kara-Lakkhanam' is the book enunciates the Palmistry science, as in the system of future telling.

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Category : General Moortidevi Granthamala
Number of Pages : 296
Published In : 2010
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 978-81-263-1900-8

'Nayavad' is the basic contribution in Indian philosophy by Jain Acharyas. Nayavad have an important place in the Jain philosophy. This work contains a total of five chapters. In these chapters the author has attempted to delineate the clarification of form of 'Naya', the most precious resource advised in Jain Vangamay with its differences in detail.

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Category : General Moortidevi Granthamala
Number of Pages : 368
Published In : 2006
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 81-263-0673-4

Students of Indian Darshan (philosophy) and Nyaya (logic) are well aware with the fact that the Jain logicians have participated in debates with the Hindu and Buddhist logicians in the early and medieval India. In this work Pt. Kailashchandra Shastri, a great scholar of Jain philosophy, principles and logic, with his hard work, has collected materials related to Jain justice and has presented an authentic study of many important contexts.

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Category : General
Number of Pages : 192
Published In : 2008
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 978-81-263-1624-3

Nirmal Verma, of course, have come from those creators of Hindi who through their own literature is created a cognate, magical and peculiar world. He wrote periodically about his beloved writers-artists. The book contains articles on creators around the country, like - Premchand, Mahadevi Verma, Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Ajneya, Renu, Muktibodh, Bhishma Sahni, Dharamvir Bharti, Malyaj and painters-artists like - Husain, Ram Kumar, Swaminathan also compiled with extremely serious and equipped with liquid compositions on Borkhes, Naipaul, Nabokov, Robbe-Grillet and Laxness.

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