Hon’ble President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee will confer the 52nd Jnanpith Award to eminent Bengali poet Shri Sankha Ghosh on 27th April 2017 in New Delhi

Category : Essays
Number of Pages : 208
Published In : 2004
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ISBN : 81-263-1019-7

The beginning of marriage is an emotionality, but its perfection is a reality. The art of reconciliation in emotionality and reality is the key of happy married life.

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Category : Essays
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Published In : 1998
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The essayist of 'Ras-Akhetak' has attempted to explain the definition of humour in a new dimension. He finds a romantic affection towards beauty in older generation, and a romantic commitment towards angry in new generation.

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Category : Essays
Number of Pages : 166
Published In : 2004
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ISBN : 81-263-1052-9

'Tarunai Ke Sapne' is the first collection in national language Hindi of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's letters, essays and speeches from 1921 to 1940. This book is also a consolidated edition in Hindi of two Netaji's work 'Taruner swapn' and 'Nootner Sandhaan', published in Bangla, which is now a document, a heritage, a history, a reference-book and is a documentary film of an independent India's freedom struggle through Netaji's vision.

Translated by : Chedilal Gupt

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Category : Essays
Number of Pages : 128
Published In : 2006
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ISBN : 81-263-0890-7

Durga Bhagwat, a popular thinker-litterateur of Marathi language, has explained the truth of 'Mahabharata' through its main characters in very elegant and delicate manner that the book has not just readable but become comprehensible for general readers.

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Category : Essays
Number of Pages : 184
Published In : 2010
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Not only literature lies in center of the thinking of Nirmal Vermaji's essays, but rather, contains important questions like north-colonial Indian society, its moral-cultural disintegration and spiritual core of human nature, multi-centered truth of Indian culture etc. that gives a new dimension to the creative thinking of readers.

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