Hon’ble President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee will confer the 52nd Jnanpith Award to eminent Bengali poet Shri Sankha Ghosh on 27th April 2017 in New Delhi

Category : Belles Letters
Number of Pages : 648
Published In : 2013
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 978-93-263-5089-1

This collection of letters written by Bharti Ji is not a mere collection, it is a mirror image of that soul which is called as "Prem"

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Category : Belles Letters Essays
Number of Pages : 120
Published In : 2007
Available In : Hard Bound and Paper Bound
ISBN : 978-81-263-1448-5

'Ek Sahityik Kee Diary' is a work, which due to characteristics of both its style attributes and concept factor, has catch the attention of readers and receive respect-honour. The form of diary genre will only be found in this work.

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Category : Belles Letters
Number of Pages : 220
Published In : 2000
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 81-7178-982-X

I do not know, how the world looks like while carrying the burden, while sleeping on the street, while driving in an auto ... I have no answer to his question.

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Category : Belles Letters Reminiscence
Number of Pages : 164
Published In : 2009
Available In : Hard Bound
ISBN : 978-81-263-1782-0

The real face of our time and society is full of acute wrinkles, sediments and dissolution. The human is unlikely to record any impact of the results coming out in this context. Neither the life nor the composition remains after ignoring these facts.

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